Discount system and Discount card


 What is the Magic Cyprus Discount Card about?

The card is designed to get immediate discounts and benefits within the diverse network of Magic Partners’ outlets. Save every day on purchases by getting special discounts for cardholders. 


 Who can buy the Magic Cyprus Discount Card? 

Anyone can become a holder of a Magic Cyprus Discount Card.


Where I can get the Magic Cyprus Discount Card?

There are few ways to get a discount card:

  • Order through the Website: The Card will be sent to your postal address.
  • Order by phone: +357 7778 7776. The Card will be sent to your postal address.
  • Purchase at Magic Partner Distribution network (look for distribution Partners on the Website)
  • What is a price of Discount Card? How long is it valid for?

We have three types discount cards:

  • Classic discount card — 15 Euros  — Valid for 1 year
  • Tourist discount card — 10 Euros — Valid for 1 month
  • Try-Me discount card - distributed FREE — Valid for 3 months (Special issues)

Where I can use my Discount Card?

All the Partners outlets are listed on the Website. In addition, you will get printed leaflet or catalogue with Discount Card. All Partners will also be marked with a Discount Card sticker.


 Can I get Discounts without Discount Card?

No, In order to get Discounts, you need to show your Magic Discount Card every time before payment.


Can I share the Card with my friends or family members?

Yes, your Card can be used by anybody, with whom you share it. There is no obligation to register the Card. However, you may opt to register the Card through the Website to get more benefits, but you can still share it with anybody as it doesn’t go through identification process at the moment of purchase. 


In which Cities I can use my Discount Card?

Discount Card can be used all over the territory of Republic of Cyprus excluding temporary occupied Turkish areas. Please find out exact cities where the company operates on our Website.


How will I find out the latest news about Magic Cyprus Partners?

All the new partners, discounts and offers will be obtained every day on our website or Facebook page.


Does Discount Card provides additional discounts, for example during a sale? 
Discount Card does not provide any extra or additional discounts on special offers or sales of our partners.


Can I ask Magic Cyprus to include specific company on Partners List?

Yes! You can add it to the wishlist on our Website and we will do our best to negotiate a discount and list this company in our discount system.


Do I have to register or authorize my discount card?

It is not mandatory to register your card on your name, but if you would like to get more benefits and special offers from Magic Cyprus, you can easily do it. Just open our website, enter your Card number and fill the application form.


Coupons and vouchers

Who can buy and use Coupon? 

Anyone registered member of Cyprus can buy coupon.

 Where and how I can get a Coupon?

Choose a coupon of your choice at our Website, add it to the Cart and click the «Buy» button to proceed to the payment. The Coupon you’ve purchased will immediately appear on your account and the printable coupon will be sent to your e-mail. Just print it out and show it before making a purchase or asking for the bill at the chosen Partner outlet to get a discount.


What is a price of Coupon? And how long is it valid for?

Each coupon has its own price and validity. You can easily check it through our Website.


Where I can use my Coupon?

All Magic Coupon offers are listed on the Website. The outlet to redeem the Coupon is specified in the Coupon profile. 


Can I get offer without a printed Coupon?

In order to get an Offer you need to show the printed Coupon or coupon code, received on your e-mail or mobile, before payment.


Can I share my Coupon with anybody (friends or family members)?

Yes, your Coupon can be used by anyone, with whom you share it. In case of exceptions, it will be mentioned in the offer Fine print. 


How will I find out the latest news about Coupon?

All the new discounts and offers are posted to our Website and Facebook page on a daily basis. Subscribed users will also receive e-mail updates with our new arrivals.


Can I use a Coupon few times?
Depends on the terms & conditions of the offer, You can use a Coupon as many times as the offer is allowed as stated in the Fine print.


When I can start using my Coupon?

At any time, from the moment of purchase and until the end of expiry date as stated in the Offer’s Fine print.


What should I do if my Coupon was not accepted?

If your Magic Coupon was not accepted by our Partners, you should immediately contact our Customer support service.


When money will be charged for Coupon?

 The money for coupon will charge when you pay for it via bank card, and not when you press the «Buy» button. The message with confirmation will be send to you on your phone number or e-mail.


Are my payments secured?

All data base about bank cards are transmitted through safe connection, and all critical data cannot be kept on our servers in accordance with International Payment Systems' Rules. Also all payments are secured by PayPal payment security systems.


How can I pay for the Coupon?
As soon as you press purchase button, you can pay through JCC or PayPal payment system using you credit card or account.


For Business

How businesses can become a Partners of Magic Cyprus?

If you are a business owner or authorized personnel, you just need to contact our Sales department representatives, to make an offer specifically for you.


Why do these businesses offer discounts to Magic Cardholders?
Providing a discounts for everyone, you will get random customers. But if you join Magic Cyprus, and give attractive discounts or offers to Magic Customers, you will increase the quantity of you customers, and feel immediate effect in sales.

Why I have to Pay for joining the Magic Cyprus and also give a discount?

We offer you various advertising products. You pay for advertising which you get in our web-page, catalogues, leaflets, and any other places, where we will promote our Magic Cyprus System.


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