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Save 51 EUR purchasing 4 catriges for printer.
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28C Percicleous, Nicosia
42B Nikis, Nicosia

We are the first company that offers a unique service currently not available in Cyprus in other places. We offer a service to refill most of all brand name cartridges and 90% of all models. We use imported machinery to recycle the ink cartridges unlike others who use syringes.

Empty cartridges are thoroughly cleaned, emptied, refilled and print tested before returning to our customers. 

Our service offers a 3 hour turn around time avoiding any delays.

Our inks are of the highest quality that the industry has to offer and meets or exceeds the specifications of the original equipment manufactures.

Our refilled cartridges are packaged using a head clip which protects the head against damage and are in antistatic bags.