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When it comes to wine, Uncork can take you on a magical journey through some of the most wonderful wine producing countries of the the world. Choose from Argentina, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, USA and many more. A wonderful collection of wines for every palate. 

Uncork’s portfolio includes representation in virtually every major fine wine region from the prime production areas of the world, encompassing distinguished classics from the Old World as well as exciting New World expressions. Assembling a portfolio like this does not happen by chance; rather, it is honed over the course of decades with skill and experience. We pride ourselves on sifting through trends to find gems of impeccable quality and value that are relevant to the wine consumer and bring them to market in an efficient and reliable manner.
Quality — of product, people, and relationships — remains our guiding principle.
Enjoy this exciting journey through our hand-selected choices. We hope our selections will tempt you with new ideas, satisfy you with enduring classics and help you confidently select the perfect wines and spirits for your needs.