Leoforos “13”

Music tavern
Get free sweets & coffee with the card in a traditional musical tavern.

Contact Info
Phone: +357 22 323353
Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:00-15:00, 16:00-23:00
13 Arch. Makarios III Ave, Nicosia, Cyprus

A well known family Grill Taverna established since 1997 and favoured by greek t.v actors and actresses. We are famous for our freshly daily deliveries of meat, fish and vegetables which are cooked with care and high standards of hygene (Note: NO tenderiser used). 
We are enjoying our 6-th successful year of introducing FREE live music Friday and Saturday evenings. Our famous actor and talented musician Charis Pishias promises you an unforgettable evenings with his guitar.

(Live music can be arranged on other days for special parties). We offer mezedes, fruit, sweets and coffee and unlimited consumption of greek drinks for only 25 euro per person.