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Premium quality products for everyone. Convenient for everyone. Affordable for everyone.
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Since 1987, our mission is simple. We want to provide premium quality products for everyone. We want to make it convenient for everyone. We want to make it affordable for everyone.

Much in the same way that International companies revolutionized their industries and changed the competitive landscape, KANGARUCCI is shocking the GIFTS industry to its core. Through the Internet, we are eliminating the needless waste and inefficiencies of traditional SHOPPING providing our customers with double-barrelled benefits:

Just as obtaining cash became more convenient with self-service ATMs, and obtaining gasoline became more convenient with self-service gas pumps (how did we ever live without these things)KANGARUCCI made it easy, just for you and everyone.

How does it work?

Just surf into our web site, select the products of your interest place your order and we will deliver to you (free delivery – Frakapor courier).

Pay upon collection (cash only), and enjoy your selections.

We can also deliver your selected gift to your loved ones. (you must pay first yourself)