Studio Figura

Wellness lady's club
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Contact Info
Phone: +357 99182123
Working Hours: by appointment
8d Naxou street, Lykavitos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Studio figura is massage, detox and wellness lady's club. At Studio Figura we offer a new generation health and fitness system — Roll Shaper that trains, tones and shapes the body. Roll shaper treatment is a massage that is designed to effectively lymph stimulation. It helps to eliminate waste products and toxins from your body. It reduces swelling and improves overall condition of your skin, improves elasticity of your skin.It helps to speed up metabolism in your muscles. During the massage under supervision of specialist you will do 18 different positions — to massage your feet, legs, tights from all sides,bottom, upper and lower part of your stomach, waist line, arms and shoulders. 

1 hour by Roll Shaper equivalent actually to 3 hours of typical massage!

Achieve amazing results in Studio Figura with Roll Shaper Lymphatic drainage (Detoxification):

  • Firming and slimming
  • Reducing the swelling
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Disease prevention
  • Improving sleep and IMMUNE
  • Fighting cellulite